Thursday, February 23, 2017

Don't Hide These Figures!

2017, Drama 127 minutes

Tarjai Henson, Octaiva Spencer, Jim Parsons, Kevin Costner

Director: Ted Melfi

In an untold and true story of brilliant African American women working in an all white, mostly men, world of NASA. This movie had me at hello! This film has all the facts of the 60's. "Colored" toilets, "colored" fountains, and even "colored" coffee pots! You feel the pain of racism in this flick and equally get pissed that brilliant, black minds have to face this type of racism, especially at NASA.  Tarjai Henson plays Katherine G. Johnson, a genius in the field of mathematics saves the space agency and the launch of John Glenn into orbit. Henson is fabulous and deserves the Oscar hands down. No one even comes close. Octavia Spencer is very good in her role as a "computer " and later receives promotion when a IBM computer is brought in to test Johnson and the rest of the brilliant minds of NASA. Jim Parsons is mediocre in his performance as Paul Stafford, Johnson's boss. Costner is Al Harrison, NASA's boss man, and renews his role from JFK. Sounds and looks like Jim Garrison from said movie, in fact he bores me in this film. A keeper and a winner no doubt.!

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