Friday, September 15, 2017

No Curse for Logan

Stephen Soderbergh copies his success with Ocean series with a flick called Logan Lucky starring Channing Tatum and his bunch of misfits. Labeled as a comedy/crime/action flick, it's all and more! I was a fan of Ocean's 11, but it ended there so I knew ahead Logan's Lucky would turn out the same and it did. The Logan family has been cursed for generations and after Jimmy Logan, played by Tatum, loses his job and comes up with a plan to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Using the secret code word, "Cauliflower" informs his brother Clyde, played by Adam Driver, to set the plan in motion. Driver is OUTSTANDING in his role and had me laughing from the beginning, along with his one missing hand he lost in the war. WAY too many moving parts for the FEDS not to find out who did the robbery, right? Ha, gotta see this flick, it's entertaining, well acted, and well done! Mucho 4 for Logan's Luck!


Just when you think you've seen all the war movies, then comes Dunkirk. In May 1940, Germany advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk and were slowly evacuated from the beach. Over 330,000 troops were saved using naval and civilian vessels. Director Christopher Nolan brings the hurt of war to the forefront. No major leads in this show, all deserve the lead! This flick is no joke, action packed, from the opening scene until the screen went dark. No love stories, no foo-foo scenes, no twists or plots. Straight forward and to the point which kept me on the edge of my couch. I paused it to go to the potty so I wouldn't miss a lick! Pay the money to see Dunkirk, purchase it for your war collection and put it on the shelve! A well deserved...

Thursday, September 14, 2017

"IT"s Disappointing

Do you hate clowns? This flick will add to your misery of clowns although not in a scary, delusional way. Stephen King's "IT" moves from the book and the 1990 TV mini series to the big screen. This flick has already made over $150 million dollars on a budget of $38 million, kudo's to the marketing. Clowns are bad enough, but a demon clown terrorizing a small town in Maine, priceless right? I haven't read the book nor have I seen the mini series starring Richard Thomas of The Waltons Fame, the late John Ritter, Tim Reid, and Annette O'Toole. Following the book the premise is the same in this newest flick directed by Andy Muschietti, is described as "Chapter One" meaning more to come later in 2018. RT and most critics love this flick, I, not one of them. I will tell you why later.

 The plot is set in 1988 where a young boy named Georgie goes missing after losing his makeshift paper boat to a storm drain. Lurking in the drain is a freaky clown named Pennywise who convinces the young lad to give up his right arm in exchange for the boat only to be pulled into the drain by Pennywise, played by Bill SkarsgĂ„rd, a Swedish model by choice.

Pennywise has been creating havoc on Derry Town every 27 years, killing children and such, and shows itself to IT's victims in the appearance of what they fear. Pennywise then goes into hibernation. Georgie's brother Bill, played by Jaeden Wesley Lieberher who has a stuttering problem and his gang of friends, go into the gutter of Derry looking for Georgie and Pennywise. Of course, "The Losers Club", locate Pennywise and their fears and, well, you know the rest is history.

"IT" isn't scary, not even remotely. Excluding the excellent acting by the "Losers Club", I found myself laughing at Pennywise pretty much the entire time his big, fat head hit the screen. All I could think of is, "WOW, this clown looks like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland!" His movement as he attacks IT's victims is hilarious. Pennywise's scoots around like the groundhog in "Caddyshack". There is nothing about "IT" that resembles anything close to being a horror flick! I give this flick two & half stars for two reasons: The story is emotional between the club and the acting is well done. Wait for "IT" on Red Box.