Friday, September 15, 2017

No Curse for Logan

Stephen Soderbergh copies his success with Ocean series with a flick called Logan Lucky starring Channing Tatum and his bunch of misfits. Labeled as a comedy/crime/action flick, it's all and more! I was a fan of Ocean's 11, but it ended there so I knew ahead Logan's Lucky would turn out the same and it did. The Logan family has been cursed for generations and after Jimmy Logan, played by Tatum, loses his job and comes up with a plan to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Using the secret code word, "Cauliflower" informs his brother Clyde, played by Adam Driver, to set the plan in motion. Driver is OUTSTANDING in his role and had me laughing from the beginning, along with his one missing hand he lost in the war. WAY too many moving parts for the FEDS not to find out who did the robbery, right? Ha, gotta see this flick, it's entertaining, well acted, and well done! Mucho 4 for Logan's Luck!

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